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Consultations on basalt technologies

Dear Sirs,

I would like to offer my consultations on the questions concerning basalt technologies. I have 13-year experience in this sphere. Being a publisher of the first scientific technological magazine “Basalt Technologies” in Russia I am also an organizer of scientific international conferences “Basalt Technologies in Russia. Current situation, achievements, perspectives of production and science development”. The conferences are held on a regular basis in Perm. What is more, I have initiated and participated in more than 10 projects of the construction of plants specialised in basalt fiber and basalt products.
I am sure that my knowledge and expertise in basalt technologies can benefit you a lot. You will be provided with very reliable information both about basalt technologies and possible future partners. I can give you the right solution very quickly, professionally and effectively.

Consultations are provided on contract (fee paid) basis.

I am looking forward to hearing from you either by phone or by email.

Sincerely yours,
Sergey Ogaryshev

Tel. +7 902 47 322 21, +7 342 238 56 44
Email: sergey@ogaryshev.org
Консультирую по всем вопросам базальтовых технологий (Платно, цена договорная). Тел. 8–902–47–322–21, (342) 238–56–44 с 6–00 до 21–00 по моск. времени, с понедельника по субботу. Эл. почта: sergey(a)ogaryshev.org (a замените на @).
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