7 Things to Remember When Shopping For and Setting Up Your Chinchilla Cage

Chinchillas owners confirm, are very active. Therefore, when you are building your cage don’t pick the most affordable or nice-looking ones. Here are 7 things you need to look over prior to buying or setting-up your cage.

1. Take a bigger size – the https://chinchillacaregroup.com/top-best-chinchilla-wheels-reviews/ love to jump, run around and play. So, a cage that is small will not be a good idea in the event that they play and eat for just a bit. In addition, you will not have the pleasure of watching them roaming around in the wild.

2. Metal or wood Some choose wood as their exteriors and others choose metals for the strength. However, whatever you choose, ensure that the material is not harmful and that it’s an excellent value of your dollars. In the end, it is your chinchillas that will decide the outcome.

3. Mesh – a lot of people do not like mesh with holes that are smaller because they’re hard to clean. But mesh with larger holes has been the source of numerous foot and toe injuries in Chinchillas. They are active and jump when they’re not in the right size, they’ll be caught and hurt as a result.

4. Levels – Will it be one level, or two or three levels using ladders? Chinchillas are easily bored, and they can develop undesirable behavior when they are unable to play and run around. Make sure that, should they fall accidentally from a an elevated level the mesh will provide sufficient cushion.

5. Playing items – This includes an excellent Chinchilla wheel and balls, hammocks and climbing decks. They’re extremely fun and if you do not give them with something to play and enjoy, then you’ve lost the point of having them…an idle chin which eats and sits or eats is a unhappy chin!

6. Mobility-Do you need to carry the burden of the cage to move it or is it equipped with wheels that can be easily moved? Are they made in a single piece or were they fabricated inside your home? Are they able to be hung outside the doorway for a little sunlight for the chinchillas, or in the event that you have to move?

7. The waste tray as well as the feeders The waste tray as well as the feeders must be easily removed to clean. The feeder should be simple to refill if you use every day or be functional when you use one of those large feeders.

It’s a great way to pass the time while watching TV or playing with your Chinchilla.

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