Greatest Football Games Of All Time

After a long, difficult wait for FIFA 12, I finally have the time to compile and review the best football (or soccer) games ever. These games were chosen for different reasons. You may agree with me, or you might not. However, there is a good chance that each one will be unique.

1. FIFA series

When the FIFA game first was released in 1993, graphics and animation were a million times more primitive than the smooth player movements and facial details that we now expect. It was as simple as moving a blob about a green, blocky pitch. You might be asking yourself, “What were we thinking?” Looking back at our games now, it is easy to see how similar they are. FIFA was my favorite game because I knew we had hours upon hours of great fun. What’s been the best part about FIFA over the years? The pitch’s appearance and face are improving every year. It is also much more responsive than its slow old self. FIFA recently introduced a manager mode as well as an ultimate team mode. This seems to have had a significant impact on FIFA. What has changed? In my opinion, nothing has changed. It just needs to be tweaked and updated. Wind control and ball control are not realistic at the moment but they will soon. You can see the difference over the years. It is easy to tell who you are playing and it almost feels like you are watching TV.

2. Champion manager

Championship Manager is an international game of football live score result management. It was released for the first time in 1992. Due to the ignorance of this type of game, the initial release was not a huge success. Instead, sales were more steady than phenomenal. This quickly changed, and the Football Manager franchise is now known as Football Manager. There are thousands of loyal fans who literally live, breathe, and play Championship Manager, much to the dismay of their friends, family, and anyone else who knows them. It was Championship Manager 99/00 that really ignited my passion. It was easy to manage your favorite team. Being able bring in the star players you wish your manager would sign while nurturing your academy players was an important part of my childhood. The series is now extremely detailed with the in-game Scouting network being so accurate and detailed that professional clubs can use it to find potential transfer targets. The game of football is constantly changing, and the Championship Manager series with it. I see a golden age for this type of football strategy game. And I love it!

3. PES Series

Pro Evolution Soccer is an excellent game, but it has always been behind FIFA. However, for Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (one year), I was amazed at the improvements made and could see that the creators had put so much effort into this game to make it better. Pro Evolution Soccer 3 took full advantage of the PlayStation with realistic graphics and smooth player movements. It was no longer like playing in arcades with a joystick. FIFA gave you more enjoyment. I spent my entire life playing FIFA. Nevertheless, this was my personal opinion and it was the best point of the series. The quality declined after PES5 though.

4. Sensible soccer

Sensible Soccer was the first game to truly hit the mark. Although the graphics may not have been as advanced as pong, when compared to FIFA 12, those tiny blobs were still cutting-edge. Sensible Soccer’s main draw was not the excellent graphics, but the game play. While anyone can pick up a controller to play the game to an acceptable standard, the game leaves room for serious gamers to improve and become experts. The best part was that you could even choose the correct player names. There’s no need to cheer Bryan Goggs at Sensible Soccer.


This writer believes that FIFA stands out above all other games. It was first released in 1993. Since then, it has evolved continuously and, although Pro Evolution may have surpassed it for a few years in the 2000’s, FIFA is back at the top. FIFA 12 is poised to break all records and make its rivals scramble to copy it.


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