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Introduction: The FIFA 2010 link truc tiep bong da have kicked off in South Africa on June 11, 2010. There is a tremendous feeling of excitement and euphoria all around the globe about these games. This includes news media outlets, newspapers, and television sets. Football is something we all love. Even though the Indian football team has not qualified for the largest football event in the world, there is still a lot of enthusiasm among Indians to watch it. All of us adore our heroes, such as Pele, Beckham and Ronaldo, Beckham, Beckham, Ronaldo Kaka, Wayne Rooney, and many other demi-gods. One cannot help but see the great metaphor of Life embedded in the game. This is the purpose of this article. This article is a humble tribute and salutation for the most beloved and loved games in the world.

The Field: A soccer game is played on a 90-120 meter long field and 45-90 m wide field. The goal posts are visible on both sides. Your 11-man team will try to score a goal at the opposing goal post. To score a goal, the opposite team will defend your goal post and counterattack it. To be successful in life, you must have goals. You must aim to achieve goals. You can’t sit back and let the outside world attack you. They will make you lose your footing. You have to be proactive. Sometimes you have to defend, but also attack. You need to know what you must do, and where you need to go to get there. Your goals are like a lighthouse for the ship that helps them stay on the right track. The Lord Almighty has placed us all on the soccer field. All of us are soccer players. We must all play our part. This is when our lives become exciting and we can find meaning in them. This is the first metaphorical lesson that we can learn from the soccer game. All of us are players on the soccer field. We all need to score goals. It is important to be proactive in pursuing our goals.

Positions: The 11 players on a soccer team are placed on the field according their roles. The different positions and roles that they play on the soccer pitch can teach us a lot.

Goalie: The goalie is located near the goalpost and plays an important role in soccer games. He defends the goalie’s goals. He is able to use his special abilities, speed and alertness to stop the opposing team from scoring a goal. He acts as a compound wall that protects our homes from outsiders. When it comes to defending ourselves against negative thoughts, we must play the role of a goalie in life. Our minds are like a goalpost. Negative thoughts can be infected by the outside circumstances, people, and events. At such times, we should assume the role of Goalie and ensure that our minds don’t become enmeshed with negative thoughts. What happens to a team where the Goalie cannot defend the goals being scored? The team becomes weaker and its attention shifts from scoring goals to defending them. It is demoralized, and it is quickly moving towards defeat. This is exactly how a person should look when defending themselves from negative thoughts. He or she will feel weaker and may lose sight of the goals of excellence. It is important to play the role of goalie in your life. We should also know how to protect ourselves against negative thoughts.

Back-positioned Players: The Goalie does not always defend the goals in soccer. Some players at the back, such as the Left-Right Fullback, Centre Fullback and Wingback, help defend and mark the forward players of the opposing team. These players at the back remind us that it is important to stay on the right side of the action when things get tough. It shouldn’t surprise us that there will be times when people, situations and events seem to pressure us and make us feel behind. Storms are inevitable when you travel out on a boat to the ocean. That’s life! “Ships in harbor are safe, but that’s not what ships are intended for.” William Shedd. The ships are expected to venture out into the deep sea to fight the storms. We often have to play the role of the back and defend our principles, values, faith, and lives. There are many people and circumstances that can make us quit. Many students experience failures. Businesspeople and professionals also face these times. We are tempted to quit, but this is where the important role of those at the back. It is important to identify what is bothering us and to go to the root of the problem to defend ourselves. We may need to defend ourselves against the wrong company, bad habits that can corrode our lives, and wrong actions that produce poor results. According to the Bible, the Spirit will set a standard against the enemy when he comes in like a flood. The standard is the soccer players positioned at the back.

The Midfielders: There are also players positioned in the middle of the football field. They include the Left and right Midfielders, the Defensive and Central Midfielders. These players are responsible for game-making. Sometimes they defend and make the game, then give it to those who are positioned forward. There comes a point in our lives when we need to plan our strategy to help us reach our goals. These are the times when we need to be the game-makers, the midfielders. It is possible to plan and organize your life in a variety of ways. Things like Time Management Planning, Goal Setting, and writing our life’s mission are all necessary. We need to be able to learn new skills and techniques to help us move forward to achieve our goals. We are the Midfielders, and we play the role of the game-makers at such times. The role of the midfielder is crucial for the team. Without them, the forward players who need to score against the opposition would not be able to do so. They won’t be able to shoot or score.

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