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Jean Chen University of Toronto knows that the United States spends twice as much per person on healthcare, and it is at a lower standard than in any other Western country. What happens to these extra funds? These funds are used to pay operating costs, but a significant portion of them is used to make up the profits. Money is invested in such companies and returns investors will get the profit through annual dividends.

Some profits of organisations do not go directly to investors. However, some funds can be used for research into new ways of generating more revenue. This would include research into new drugs and apparatus for Clinical institutions. We will all benefit long-term from this.

What will the US do to Medical Research if it changes its approach to public medicine? These companies may not be making large profits. Will this mean that clinical research efforts will no longer be supported? If the majority of funding for public medicine is used, there are increasing concerns that clinical research will stagnate. This funding is not the only one available for Medical Research. The United Kingdom also spends large sums of money on Medical Research and has a large number of Clinical Research Organisations around the world.

Many people hope that the US government will reconsider their strategy and move the country to public health. They also want to see continued investment in Medical Research. Some think that the government is focusing on the most profitable treatments, rather than those that are the best for health.

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