Post-Natal Confinement Pratiques


Confinement involves the mother, or mother-in laws, caring for the newborn mom. Chinese mothers now hire confinement attendants to help with cooking and caring for their newborn baby.

How Much Time Does Confinement Last?

Each culture’s confinement period is different. Indian cultures have a confinement period that lasts between 30 and 40 day. Chinese cultures practice confinement for one month following the infant’s birth. Malays can be held for up to 44 days in prison.

Sometimes, the confinement periods last longer than is traditional. This depends on how healthy the mother was during her postpartum period. Mothers who had an emergency c-section may want to prolong the confinement while the incision heals.

One can hire a nanny

The confinement nurse, sometimes also called a Chinese confinement nanny or yin/yang, is based on the ancient principles, which are still very relevant today. The help of the nanny for the new mother lasts between 30 and 40 days. This gives mom the time she needs to heal, rebalance her body’s yin and Yang, and get back to her health.

Confinement Special Diets

For mothers to be in custody, they must follow a special diet to heat the body and boost the immune systems. All cooling foods must be avoided, including cucumber, pineapple, cold drinks, ginger, coconut and water spinach. Fish is an important part of both Malay- and Chinese cultures. It promotes internal healing and milk supply.

It is important to avoid foods that cause colic during confinement. Onions, jackfruit, windy fruits and veggies are among the foods that can cause infant colic. Indian cultures are known to eat foods that increase milk supply.

The confinement period is not an easy time for new mothers. However, it can provide a great opportunity to get some sleep and rest. Mothers can benefit from having help during the night with baby care and meals. This will allow them to relax and get back to their normal state of health.

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