Seven ways to enrich your adventure travel experience

How can you enrich Adventure Travel for yourself and your friends? Experiential travelers learn tricks along the journey. I encourage you to add to this list. Here are seven ways Cape Breton Island visitors have enjoyed their trip, their stay on Cape Breton Island, and the magic that they experience when they return home. The common ingredient is connectivity.

1. The Vision For Your Trip provides a framework for adventure travel that will allow you to look back and see what it was like to be energized, connected with your environment, and a moment that can help you re-energize your everyday life. It’s Aladdin’s ride on a magic-cart, but for me, it’s hiking with my wife to see a waterfall.

2. A Great Destination: Which place satisfies your curiosity? Where would you like to explore with your companions or settle down for a while? This is often called “sense of place” in many cultures.

3 Knowledgeable local guides: Guides are people who have a deep understanding of a destination and are willing to share their experience. You may be escorted on a trip by them or they can educate you about the best places to visit. They can provide a local connection that reflects their enthusiasm and passion. Guides can help you connect to people, places, and adventures in your area. Guides offer safety, useful information, and recommendations.

4. Unique Gatherings: The Mi’kmaq people of Cape Breton Island refer to gatherings as “Mao I Omi”, while the French and Celts call them “places de rencontre” or “Ceilidhs”. Many involve music and dance. You will discover that sharing your stories, experiences and adventures with others is a way of feeling part of the world, to share your “magical experiences”, talents and gifts. Local events, ceremonies, and gatherings are meant to foster connection among people and give good memories.

5. “An Adventure a Day” (mild-to-wild strong> Adventure is anything that offers freshness and challenges, even if you’re an experienced participant. You don’t have to go on a hike up a mountain or climb a rock face. It can be as simple as learning a new recipe or visiting a blueberry farm. The majority of the blueberries are eaten right away and the rest made into delicious blueberry pie. It is easy to overwhelm your travel with too many things. Instead, focus on one adventure per day, whether it’s mild, wild, or somewhere in-between.

6. You are seeking a higher purpose (through service and learning) than just recreation. Is adventure travel only important for you and your companion(s), or is it more? A Higher Purpose can make the adventure more enjoyable and help you get past temporary discomforts and obstacles. My current purpose is the “Green Theme” which I refer to as adventure travel. Many people experience what is known as a “nature deficit disorder” (c/o John Louv), and it can be seen in others and our children. Connecting with nature, trees, open space and other animals can lead to a feeling of connection with both nature and yourself. This gives you a new perspective and sometimes a surge of energy. It can be in the city or country, but it is always a pleasant experience. This “connection” to nature is closely linked to a growing awareness and desire for a healthy balance between us and the natural world. Volunteers and adventure travelers seek to live in areas that are less wasteful and promote renewable energy. They also want to preserve and protect natural areas, or at the very least, do no harm. Campers believe that “leave no trace” is the best expression. As adventure travel becomes more popular, the goal is to “be of service” and to have a greater purpose: to enjoy and preserve the natural world around you. You can have an adventure in any of the following areas: the arts, outdoor recreation and re-building after a hurricane. Your goal is to produce a positive and meaningful outcome in yourself or your environment.

7. Safety, well-being and health Are you making space in your travel plans for healing arts or “wellness”? You need to have the knowledge and time to travel safely and also to take a break and recharge. Test Your Brand of Magic in Adventure Travel. You are the adventurer and judge. You are the one who feels the magic. Your companions may have a different experience. However, it is a good idea to ask yourself if there are any stories, memories or even photos that capture the excitement and energy of your travels. This spirit of magic can be passed on to your family and friends upon your return.

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