Social Media Marketing requires focus and discipline

Social media marketing requires multitasking skills and organizational skills. These two essential requirements are vital for small business owners. Without them, they can easily become overwhelmed and eaten by “beasts” who seek out jealousy and inordinate labor. Social Media Marketing is a “beast”. It promises no success and never feels the need for an apology for poor results. Social Media Marketing is the best argument to plan to work smarter than just working harder…and for longer.

Everyone has a plan. Which plan works best for you?

There are a lot of “how-to” lessons about “taming this beast” that can be found on blogs. This is what we call best smm panel Marketing. Blog posts promising great results for a daily commitment of one hour in Social Media are easy to find. This is possible, but it’s not realistic. It is possible, depending on many variables. I believe so. Some things work well for one person, while others may not. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the solution you were looking for. You may need a completely different approach depending on your situation.

Let me share what has worked for me. It may not work for you but it might be a good starting point to your own social media effectiveness trials. You can create a plan that works for you, your company and friends if you combine the advice from others.

As the Social Media Director at a rapidly growing web design company, my main responsibilities include direct contribution to the corporate marketing efforts as well as supporting small business owners who purchase new websites from me. My main goals are to increase brand awareness for the company and to “converse” with prospects and customers to better understand their needs. This will allow me to assist them in their social media marketing efforts.

These goals are modest and have a low expected return on investment. They will be measured mainly in customer smiles or business compliments. My company, which is relatively young in Social Media, is confident that it is in the right place. It has the right focus and set of expectations. Let me tell you more about how we use Social Media.

Expand Your Appeal

Facebook and Twitter are particularly useful for us. These two sites are where we focus our attention, along with the regular blogging. If you know the “hangout” of your target audience , then you should go there and invite others to do the same. These locations, together with your Website, will become your “base-of operations “… your primary residence.” It can become very costly and time-consuming to maintain too many homes. Social Media is no different. Those who try too hard will also find this true. If Facebook is your first choice, there’s no reason to apologize for not joining MySpace. If you provide real value, make sure you direct everyone to the web.

Consider how you will feel once you have established your “baseof operations”. Also, consider “when are you most likely to be found at home?”

According to them, the best time to tweet is at 9:00 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). According to them, the best time for retweeting is on Fridays at 4:00 PM EST. These suggestions offer a solid framework for ” planning when you are home” in social media. There are many free automation programs available, such as Tweetdeck and Tweetsuite. These software allow you to send tweets even if you’re not available online. I would recommend that you use these programs sparingly. These programs are becoming increasingly impersonal. They are often seen as more of a sales tool than a true relationship builder.

I plan about three Social Media sessions each day. Each session lasts approximately thirty minutes. My activity is based on the peak times of users as reported in online studies. Online sessions often include additional tweets and posts throughout the day, as I receive interesting news and tips. This is why I keep Twitter & Facebook down on my laptop throughout the day.

After opening my web browser each morning, I view four screens before closing three. Currently, I am:

1. Twitter

2. My Facebook Group (Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses).

3. (a URL shortening and optimization tool)

4 Google.

Next, I search Google News to find a list of topics that can be shared with my audience.

Offer Value to Your Audience, and They’ll Give (Their) Attention To You

My company shares the most recent news and tips on Social Media, Small Business Website Design, Charity Programs, and Small Business. To ensure we are the first to tweet and post this news, our searches are limited to “past-hour” results. Instead of wasting time and annoy “friends” by linking to article links, I review each item carefully for its content and any quotes from the principals. Many times, the best quotes come form people we have never heard of. What they have to say – in just few words – summarizes the entire article. Quotes are easy to re-Tweet. Make sure you give each quote a related topic with a hashmark (e.g. #smallbusiness so others can search it and find it on Twitter.

Every article and post we read is more than just soundbytes. They have intellectual value. Its contents can be agreed or disagreed with. It’s a valuable learning experience and often a source of great debate. We gain something to take away and share with others. This can be in the form of a tweet, a retweet, a Facebook post, an email to someone we care about or even a blog article. We can also comment on the article or post while we’re at it; this will leave behind a professional footprint as well as a valuable backlink to our website.

My desktop now has all the screens mentioned above, so I can effectively be a Social Media production business. I can create split screens and multitask the information I’m working with in many different ways. While I tweet a memorable quote, I can also expand on that thought by posting an insightful and sometimes provocative post to my Facebook Group audience. The best of Social Media Thinking Man.

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